Repair & Restoration (Example No 1, Backgammon Table)

From a box of broken components, I Started by creating a new column. An old gate post offered just the right dimensions.

The remains of the original column offered a guide to the final shape. Various joints were created to accommodate the legs and top frame.

Colouring starts very early in the restoration process.

'Gate post' turned and jointed to legs with an initial 'fuming' to start the colouring process.

Base and top jointed,
coloured and polished.

The hand embroidered
backgammon table

Repair & Restoration (Example No 2, Georgian chair)

"We found this box of bits in Grandads garden shed, we think it's a chair"

The components were from two different chairs so new sections were created along with fillets to make good.

A little carving to bring new to old, colouring & a final polish.

Repair & Restoration Example No 3
(Maritime Desk)

Oak 'fall front' Desk, found in a barn.

Just one of the many broken joints.

Offending breakages remedied, coloured & polished.

Replicating missing detail.

'Wave effect' moulding carved and jointed into place.

New moulding in situ, colour matched and polished.

Completed restoration of a Grandparents ''Maritime Desk"

The art to restoration is....
knowing when to stop.